4 Important Hot Tub and Spa Care and Treatment Products

Spa care treatment products are one of the essential parts of the hot tub and spa maintenance routine. These products help keep your water in the tub clear, clean, and bacteria-free, and they also protect the lining and internal components of your tub or spa from corrosion and damage. Here are some of the top spa care treatment products you need in your hot tub or spa, along with tips on using them to maximize their benefits.

1.    Pure Enzyme Concentrates

Hot tubs, spas, and pools contain many organic substances such as urine, sweat, saliva, skin cells, hair products, perspiration, etc. These substances can cause odors and other problems for the hot tub or spa. These organics highly demand chlorine, bromine, salt chlorinators, and ozonators to provide adequate sanitation, making maintenance more expensive.

However, pure enzyme concentrates are an ideal Natural hot tub and spa water treatment designed to eliminate this problem by breaking down these organic substances. Using enzymes will save money and reduce your carbon footprint since there is no need for chemicals that produce dangerous by-products when sunlight exposes.

2.    pH Balancing Products

Proper pH levels are essential to maintaining a healthy hot tub or spa. It is important to remember that if your hot tub water has a low pH, it will be more acidic and if the water has a high pH, it will be more alkaline. Low-pH hot tubs can cause issues with the skin, like dryness or itchiness, because the skin cannot absorb any moisture. High-pH levels can also cause problems for the skin as it becomes overly dry.

Also, high pH levels are likely to cause scale formation on jets and piping, which could lead to damage in the long run. To maintain proper pH levels in a hot tub or spa, you should use products such as pH Up and pH down. When using these products, be sure not to exceed recommended doses for optimal results.

3.    Hot Tub and Spa Sanitizer

When it comes to hot tub care, nothing is more critical than disinfecting the water. Sanitizers remove harmful bacteria, viruses, and other contaminants that can cause illness or infection. The two most common types of sanitizers are chlorine and bromine. Chlorine takes effect immediately, while bromine starts working after a few hours. However, it’s crucial to determine the level of the water’s acidity due to chlorine by using an inexpensive pool test kit or test strips.

That way, you’ll be able to monitor the concentration of chlorine and thus know when to add the sanitizer. However, it’s crucial to ensure you use a quality sanitizer such as the stabilized chlorinated granules that last longer in high-temperature situations, like in your hot tub. Remember, the best defense against harmful bacteria, viruses, or other contaminants in your water is taking a proactive approach and regularly adding sanitizer!

4.    Gunk Removing Treatment Products

It’s essential to keep your hot tub looking new and clean. One of the best ways to do this is by using a Gunk Removing Treatment Product. You can add these products to your hot tub water or apply them directly on the sides of the spa with just a spray. The product will dissolve any dirt, oils, or minerals that may have built up over time. A significant benefit of doing this after adding a treatment product is that it prevents residue from building up around your jets and spa plumbing.

If you are not planning on using your hot tub for an extended period, it is also imperative to use gunk-removing products like clean and drain before shutting off your hot tub. These treatments remove all traces of soap, lotions, hair conditioners, and other contaminants from your hot tub’s surface, making it look clean. Hence, when you turn it back on again after a while, there is no leftover debris clogging up your pipes or slowing down circulation in your filter.


Keeping your spa and hot tub clean ensures your guests are comfortable and lasts as long as possible. Many problems with a hot tub or spa are due to dirt, which can clog up jets, reduce circulation, and lead to other issues. It’s essential to keep in mind that you need to use quality products to get the best results. These four products should be staples in your hot tub care arsenal. However, ensure your product is specifically for pools and spas before buying.

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