5 Financial Terms to Know Before Investing

As an investor, you need to ensure that you invest in the right business. You want a firm that will help you make profits, and no other option will guarantee you this. The company may be operating in an industry that doesn’t generate much income or is affected by stringent government policies. Therefore, financial education will be ideal for helping you understand the businesses you are investing in. Below is a list of financial education you need to have before you invest in a company.

Net Profit

As an investor, you have to ensure that you have an understanding of net profit. It is the profit that the company makes after paying all its debts. Do not be fooled by the big profits that the business makes, but eaten up into paying debts and taxes. Also, some companies can be making losses, though it is a good indicator of success. So long as the business is on track to profitability as it scales up, it will be a good sign of success. Therefore, an understanding of net profit will help you find the ideal businesses you can invest in and avoid those that will make losses regardless of the amount you invest in them.

Revenue Growth

Revenue growth is the increase or decrease in a company’s sales between two periods. Such information will help you know the health of sales for the company you are about to invest in. You want to know how fast the business can sell its products or services. Therefore, understanding the company’s revenue growth over a particular year will help you learn more about the investment.

Compare Voyager digital stock, earnings, and revenues to see if the stock is reasonably priced or expensive. You have to comprehend the company’s reports like quarterly and annual reports and press releases. Such documents have critical business information like income statements, cash flow statements, and balance sheets. Here, you will find vital business data that will help you determine whether it is an ideal investment, or avoid it.

Customer Acquisition Cost

Customer acquisition cost is the amount you have to spend to get a single new customer. To achieve this figure, you will divide the amount you invest in marketing by the number of new clients you get into the business. This type of information will help an investor determine a fledging, established, or failing business.

Remember, from an investor standpoint, you want to find a company that will guarantee profits, and the profits from sales will only achieve this. A higher customer acquisition cost indicates that customers are willing to buy the products or services. Therefore, a deeper understanding of such knowledge will help you identify the right company to invest in.


If you know how debt works, you will realize that such may not indicate that the business is the worst type to invest in. However, debt can scare an investor in two ways. First, you may end up making close to nothing since debt holders will get their share before equity holders. Secondly, investing in a company that is in debt means that your investment will be used to pay the debts rather than investment.

When you approach a company, an understanding of its quick debt ratio- current assets divided by current liability would be ideal. A quick debt ratio of one or more indicates flexibility when you invest in such a business.

Accounts Receivable Turnover

You want to know the time it takes the company to collect cash from customers. As an investor, you want to make a profit. Therefore the business that you want to invest in must be willing to ask customers to pay for the products or services they have sold to them. A slow turnover would also lead to bad debts written off. Also, you want to know if the business is attracting stable clients who are willing to pay for the services before investing in its expansion.

Knowledge of accounts receivable turnover will help you understand the time it takes to collect cash, and if it is within your target, you can find the business a good deal to invest in.

Best Financial Education for Investors

As an investor, you need to have the best financial education before pouring funds into a business. The above information will help you identify the best investment to make.

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