5 Trendy Custom Kitchen Upgrades to Welcome 2022

The kitchen is one of the most functional spaces in your home. It is a space where the family spends the most time. Considering that builders will develop homes that suit the majority of people, high chances are, your kitchen may not include all your dream features.

In this case, kitchen custom upgrades are every homeowner’s ticket to a comfortable and highly functional space.

This article focuses on five custom kitchen upgrades that will transform your home, giving it an enhanced look.

Let’s dive into the details.

  • Backsplashes

Backsplashes are one of the most loved and appealing custom kitchen upgrades. Aside from their beautifying effect, they are functional, protecting your kitchen’s wall from the long-term effects of water exposure.

A myriad of backsplash designs exist. You can go for backsplashes made from stone, wood, or tiles. The latter is the most popular, thanks to its affordability and ease of installation. It also comes in an infinite number of designs, giving homeowners extensive options as to which one to choose.

  • Sliding Pull-out Drawers

Maximize your storage with pull-out drawers. They are perfect for especially small spaces, as they can be as narrow as you want them to be. They can be installed in between appliances or kitchen cabinets with ease and used as spice racks or storage for household utensils.

  • Longer Kitchen Islands

Kitchen islands have been the focal point of any kitchen for the longest time. However, as you consider purchasing a home or installing custom kitchen upgrades, think of having a longer kitchen island.

Apart from the extra seating space that it provides, longer kitchen islands offer additional storage and a place for your appliances – especially for smaller kitchens. It can also provide the space you need for meal preparations and baking.

What’s more, you have extra space that you and your children can use when studying or working from home.

  • High-tech Appliances 

Just like phones and computers, kitchen appliances are leverage advanced technologies to improve functionality and promote convenience.  They are hot in 2022 and provide infinite reasons as to why you should take advantage of them.

Programmable coffee makers are one of the most popular. Imagine waking up to a fresh cup of hot coffee every day? With these advanced coffee makers, you can preload the ingredients then set a time at which it should commence brewing. You can set the timer to a few minutes before you wake up and kick start your day with a fresh cup of coffee.

Smart dishwashers, touchless trash cans, smart pressure cookers, intelligent ovens, and refrigerators with in-built LCD tablets are other high-tech appliances you can explore.

  • Hidden Cabinets

Hidden cabinets are still trending in 2022. They not only allow homeowners to minimize clutter but also make your space more appealing. They are particularly appreciated in tiny kitchens as they maximize the kitchen space.

Furthermore, how cool is it when you pull out utensils from hidden and unexpected storage?


These are not the only custom kitchen upgrades to consider in 2022. Mirroring your kitchen surfaces, installing bold accents, statement walls, and lacquering your cabinets are other things you can try.

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