8 Reasons Why Your Commercial Kitchen Needs a Vacuum Sealer

If you’ve ever worked in a commercial kitchen then you know there are a handful of gadgets that simply make the process of preparing and packing food so much easier.

One of the gadgets that is a common sight in many commercial kitchens is the revolutionary commercial vacuum sealer. Should you get one for yourself? Investing in a sealer that’s designed for industrial or commercial use will benefit your kitchen in a number of ways.

How Does a Commercial Vacuum Sealer Work?

While everyone appreciates any item that makes working in a kitchen easier, who really has the time to learn the ins and outs of a new gadget? Fortunately, a commercial vacuum sealer is extremely easy to master.

Instructions might vary depending on the brand you’ve chosen, but the general principles are the same. We’ve listed them to show just how easy they are:

  • Place the food (inside a plastic bag) you wish to seal into a sealing chamber.
  • The vacuum then sucks the air from the area.
  • Heat seals the opening of the plastic, making it ready for storage.

Top Reasons Why Commercial Kitchens Love Vacuum Sealers

Let’s delve straight into a few of the top reasons why chefs and other commercial kitchen staff love vacuum sealers!

1.      Effective Portioning

Calculating the correct portions for various meals is one of the more effective ways in saving costs. It also prevents you from sending out a plate with too much or too little food on it. Dividing fresh veggies and meat into their correct portion sizes and then freezing them makes it super-easy to defrost or steam them once they’re needed.

Doing this in advance ensures food is ready to be cooked without slowing the process down. Food can be vacuum-sealed immediately when bought, labelled with a date and then stored for use when needed.

This is something you can do at home too, making meal times that much easier!

2.      Allows for Sous Vide Cooking Method

Many chefs are opting for the Sous Vide cooking method these days. Essentially that involves cooking the food in its plastic bag. In short, you’ll add the spices, herbs and marinades and then vacuum seal.

When it’s needed, the chef will simply place the bag in the boiling water. This works great for veggies and cuts down on food prep time. It also makes it easy for the most novice kitchen assistant to successfully prepare certain foods as they’re pre-packed for preparation.

3.      Eliminate Freezer Burn

Commercial freezers are usually packed to capacity. This often means that the food packed in first get plastics torn and end up with freezer burn.

Since freezer burn is just frost, it isn’t harmful to eat food that’s covered in it. However, there will be a big compromise on the flavour and colour! And in a commercial kitchen, flavour is key. Vacuum sealers ensure the food stays fresh until it’s needed.

4.      Extend the Shelf Life of Certain Foods

One of the top advantages of investing in a commercial sealer is the way in which food is preserved. Dried food can easily be kept for about 12 months rather than the usual few months.

Fresh and frozen foods on the other hand can stay in their bought state for anywhere between a few weeks to several months. This is great news for storing fruit and veggies.

5.      Creates Space in The Freezer or Refrigerator

In a commercial freezer, there isn’t space for anything that can’t be used or doesn’t really belong there. Vacuum sealing food and ingredients ensures the products take up considerably less space. It also makes it easier to arrange foods in order of use-by dates.

6.      Reduce Wastage Costs

Restaurants and other commercial kitchens often waste a lot of money on food wastage. This happens when there isn’t a demand for the items that have been purchased. Instead of letting the food waste in the freezer, vacuum sealing allows it to stay fresh until it’s needed.

7.      Allow for Correct Food Storage

If food isn’t stored properly, there’s always the risk of liquids leaking and making a mess, wasting and ruining the food around it. A commercial vacuum sealer will eliminate this altogether. Meat, veggies and liquids can be stored correctly without the chef having to worry about leaks and spills. This is great for pre-marinated meats and veggies.

8.      Reduce The Money Needed for Plastic Bags

Every commercial kitchen tries to reduce costs and save money wherever possible. That being said, it’s no secret that plastic bags are expensive, even if you buy bulk. And restaurants use a LOT of them.

While you’ll still need to buy plastic for the vacuum sealer, the reality is that a vacuum sealer will be more cost-effective in the long run. It also eliminates you having to look for the right size and type of plastic bag that you need for a certain type of food or liquid to store.

Final Thought

Investing in a commercial vacuum sealer not only makes the food preparation process simpler but also keeps food fresher for longer. With the many benefits this product offers, you’ll be asking yourself why you haven’t invested in one sooner!

Kalvin Abbas
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