Business Technology in Small Business

Business technology in small businesses can mean many different things and can be interpreted in various ways. But it will always go down to the same – technology that is implemented and used by businesses must provide a maximum amount of efficiency for the minimum amount of cost and maintenance.

Technology in business must be well planned and implemented in a reasonable way and technology management plans must be developed and obeyed. This might mean moving more than your business system to the internet to improve your business mobility, or identify and invest in a new system that will do the same work but in a more efficient way.

How can the internet help my business?
If you want to save money for your business, the internet is a very good place to start. If your business includes a small call center to provide customer service, you can save a lot of money in the long term by investing in changing the telephone system to the IP telephone system. This means that instead of raising large telephone bills using normal cellphones, all calls will be transferred via the internet and customers will be able to call using normal local telephone numbers.

Much cheaper to call someone through the internet rather than through standard telephone lines and savings that you will make here will be more than just covering the cost of implementing a system like that.

You need to make sure that your business internet connection is strong enough to manage this of course. If there is no enough bandwidth to accommodate all the calls made, the sound quality can suffer. As long as both parties can hear what the others say, this does not have to be too much trouble – making benefits for this need to be part of your business strategy for technology management.

What about my people in the field?
If you have a large team of sales representatives in the field, savings that you can enjoy through internet-based telephone implementations can be done to your business side too. At present, there are many mobile phones available capable of calling through the internet using 3G networks. This means increasing the possibility of your company’s cellphone contract and maybe some re-training for your staff – but in the end it will save your money on telephone bills.

How do I know that my company is now more efficient?
Technology in business also includes assessment and monitoring of work carried out by employees. With modern networks and targeted technology management, it will probably not only make your company run more efficiently with less money; But it also allows you to monitor exactly what happens in real-time.

There are many products available that will allow you to monitor your employee statistics – both the amount of time they spend for each call or amount of time they take to complete each file before they can move to the next. Through this, you will be able to solve problems that might arise and discuss them with employees.

Business technology must expand the horizon. You must be able to do more to spend less. Something as simple as making phone calls is cheaper or something involved as identifying fields that are a concern for employee performance and have more information that can be used to develop a strategy to avoid this.

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