E-Ticketing: A Convenient Automated Payment Solution for the Entertainment Arena

The rising trend of E-tickets in the entertainment industry

Growing demand for online ticketing can be attributed to increased Internet accessibility and overall hassle-free experience in booking processes. Over the years, E-ticketing has gained massive popularity due to the perceived ease and flexibility of the procedure and user-friendly interfaces developed by service providers.

How is it benefitting both the audience and the operators?

  • Increased Security

How much do fans contact your staff about losing or getting their paper tickets stolen? Do they ever have doubts about the legitimacy of tickets they bought from you or another source?

Paper tickets, as well as certain types of e-tickets, are vulnerable to being stolen and counterfeited, and this happens more often than you would expect. However, by allowing customers  to manage their tickets via a safe online account, digital tickets, especially ID-based digital tickets, can greatly reduce their concerns. If something goes wrong with their tickets, the team will be able to pinpoint the problem and quickly answer their questions and concerns.

  • Avoid the Hassle

It would be odd to come across people outside of a large retail store trying to sell you the same items you can get inside for double the price; however, this is a normal occurrence for concert and sporting event attendees.

Ticket brokers would find it much more difficult to defraud the customers with digital tickets. In the case of E-ticketing, tickets are sent directly to customer’s online accounts, which are protected against theft through fraud controls. Customers  never receive a physical ticket; instead, they access the venue using their personal ID or a QR code, making it virtually impossible for ticket brokers to obtain one.

  • More Convenient Than the Paper Tickets

While paper tickets tend to be simple to handle, the problem arises when people attempt to share them with friends, relatives, or clients. Who wants to drive around town to drop off extra tickets or stand outside the venue waiting for guests?

You can entice customers with the coolest giveaways and venue changes, but anything that makes their lives easier will win their loyalty in the end. Audiences benefit from the convenience and versatility of e tickets  on the event day, as they have a lot on their minds, such as transportation, parking, finding a place to eat, and getting to the game on time. Audiences can pass tickets to others online using only the email address of the recipient.

  • Better Communication

Digital tickets will provide you with details about customers’ purchasing preferences, ticket use, venue entry, and more, in addition to personal information. Season ticket holders and customers will benefit from targeted communications created with this data. Prior to the events, you can give them targeted notifications about venue lines, parking, seat upgrades, rewards systems, and more.

To conclude

With digital tickets, the possibilities for maximizing your fan relationships are infinite. You’ll discover exciting developments and a new customer base that will help you boost your business’ profitability. Most importantly, customers  will appreciate the simplicity, versatility, and convenience that digital tickets offer, which will make the event more memorable.




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