Evan Rubinson Proudly Joins USF Muma College as New Advisory Board Member

After graduating from Duke University, entrepreneur Evan Rubinson made it a point to strike out on his own. Not long after, he founded a hedge fund called Koroit Capital that operated in the biotech space. After his father fell ill, Evan ended up taking over the family business – first at the elder Rubinson’s company Armadillo Enterprises, and then with his own ERA Music Brands.

ERA Music Brands was a single entity that brought a plethora of different music industry companies together under one roof for the first time, establishing a presence in both the United States and the United Kingdom along the way.

All of this is to say that Evan Rubinson has enormous insight that he is willing to share about what it takes to be a successful entrepreneur in the modern era. That’s also why he’s so honored to join the Advisory Board for the University of South Florida (USF) Muma College of Business Digital Marketing Program. He’ll spend at least one school year mentoring students and offering real-life advice in terms of the types of opportunities that people can unlock upon graduation.

Evan Rubinson and USF Muma College: A Perfect Pairing

For those unfamiliar, the University of Southern Florida’s Muma College of Business Digital Marketing Program is designed to be an intensive, hands-on, four-day program that gives students the ability to both learn and apply the best practices that enable success in the fast-paced digital marketing world that we’re now living in.

Students spend time dealing with the precise types of real-world challenges that professionals deal with on a daily basis, allowing them to gain the type of experience they’ll need to forge a better career path moving forward.

As per the educational institution’s website, the program allows students to “develop a unique, personalized digital marketing portfolio.” It assists students in the development of eliminating barriers that could otherwise help their career, empowering an innovation mindset, and to play to not necessarily where the industry currently is, but to where it might be headed. Evan Rubinson, for his part, is proud to help with all of these goals and more.

In a lot of ways, this particular move is a long-time coming. Rubinson’s own Koroit Capital was designed to enable innovation in the healthcare and biotechnology spaces. This, coupled with the existing financial expertise that he brought with them, along with an intimate knowledge of factors like government regulations, allowed him to make his mark on every sector that he touched.

When he is not advancing his own professional career or assisting with educational efforts like those at USF Muma College, Evan Rubinson also devotes as much of his time as possible to another one of his true passions – philanthropy. He regularly partners with organizations like the Tampa Bay Humane Society, for example, along with Wounded Warriors, The Mike Calta Family Foundation, and others. He has even participated in various events at his former high school, Tampa Jesuit High School, over the years.

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