Experience the Majestic Whales in Hawaii

If you’ve Whale watching on your wishlist, look no further than Maui, Hawaii. Maui is the best place in Hawaii for Whale watching from the coast. The best time for Whale watching in Maui is from November to May, when thousands of North Pacific humpback Whales grace Hawaii’s waters for their annual winter migration. Marine scientists believe Kohala humpback Whales have visited the islands since the ancient Polynesia era around 1600 AD and enjoy Hawaii’s deep and warm ocean underwater visibility and lack of natural predators. Take part in the Whale-watching excursion to see these fun creatures up close.

Hawaii Whale Watching Tour

A Whale-watching boat tour is one of the best ways to see Whales. During these tours, you will explore Whale territory where you can find humpback Whales. Almost all Whale watching excursions involve marine biologists who share their experiences of these amazing marine mammals. Also, nearly all tours offer free hydrophones during the trip so you can hear the lovely songs sung by the humpback Whales.

Besides Whales, other popular animals like sea turtles, flying fish, and dolphins are there to enjoy. Whale watching boat trips can help you get up close to the humpback Whale. Most Whale watching tours take place from mid-December to March to mid-April. If you visit there during one of the months of low to moderate humpback Whale activity or one of the less active islands, a boat trip can increase your chances of seeing Whales. Boat tours are one of the better options for Whale watching near Hawaii. It has dozens of tour operators, including several great kayak tours, an exciting way to get to know these majestic mammals.

When to go Whale Watching in Hawaii?

The best time for Whale watching in Hawaii is towards the end of the year. So if you want to see lots of humpback Whales on your Hawaii vacation, plan your journey in the peak months of January, February, and March. February is considered the perfect season for Whale watching. As per officials, Whale season in Hawaii is usually observed from the 15thDecember to 15thMay every year. However, it’s a possibility that you may encounter Whales outside the usual “Whale season” schedule.

Where is the best place to see humpback Whales in Hawaii?

Just as important as when you go to see the Whales in Hawaii is where you go. From low to high, we see that the highest concentrations are:

  • On the north and west coast of Kauai
  • On the north shore of Oahu and at its easternmost end.
  • The area between Molokai Lanai and Maui Area north of Kona and along the Kohala Coast.

This is one of the most amazing marine adventures you will ever experience, without a doubt. It is the opportunity to see the majestic humpback Whales from the Northern Pacific Ocean in their natural habitat. These magical mammals adorn the waters of Hawaii and coasts. Every annual winter migration in the North Pacific. It is the best time for Whale watching in Hawaii. Don’t wait and start planning to witness these marvellous creatures for a once in a lifetime experience.

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