Features of OmniCure PLC 2000

As a multipurpose external controller device, the OmniCure PLC 2000 can be integrated with the UV LED curing systems of the OmniCure AC series. The idea of designing the innovative product accessory to balance the high-powered UV LED curing solutions can offer unmatched control of on/off capabilities, exposure time, and output intensity while providing system error and information monitoring. Operators can use the system in two modes, including using the PLC interface to the PLC 2000 to connect an AC Series UV LED lamp.

  • Remote operation: users can use a PLC or PC commands program with an automated system to monitor and operate the system
  • Local operation: operators can monitor, control, and adjust features like on/off capabilities, exposure time, and intensity level via the PLC 2000 device

There is a total UV LED curing system information display in the OmniCure PLC 2000 and update of LED indicators for crucial details like the various supported operation modes, initialization states, and power. Operators can also access and modify the pulse/timer modes, intensity control, operational hours, and temperature to offer unparalleled performance control.

The OmniCure AC series of products have a perfect, robust accessory in the PLC 2000, supporting RS485 and RS232 communications. Therefore, users can control or access and daisy-chain multiple UV LED heads within a single computer terminal when paired with a system. As it offers a complete LED curing solution for users’ applications, the PLC 2000 has intuitive features like a door lock for safety assurance. It has easy integration, quick set-up, and an ideal accessory for complementing the AC series.

OmniCure, the maker of OmniCure PLC 2000, has combined fiber-optics, state-of-the-art, and next-generation engineering to produce sophisticated technologies that use light. Sectors like bio-medicine and manufacturing can benefit from the light-based systems developed by OmniCure.

OmniCure PLC2000 Programmable Switch

Designed to complement the OmniCure LED UV curing system with AC Series, OmniCure PLC 2000 is an external, multipurpose controller device that can allow users to control, monitor, and manage the LED system when they connect it to the head of an AC Series LED UV. While the device also offers error monitoring and system information, operators can also use the device to adjust the off/on capabilities, exposure period, and output intensity.

Using an automated system, users can operate the portable, compact PLC 2000 remotely and locally. Development and research applications, laboratory, and manufacturing environments will find it quite suitable.

Features and Benefits

With its dynamic adjustments, users can have a wide range of settings from its intelligent digital control.

  • Duty cycle or pulse frequency – fine-tune off/on illumination – pulsed operation
  • Set timed operation – exposure timer
  • Control in 1 percent increments – intensity

Plug and Play: calibration and auto-detection via OmniCure AC UV LED curing systems

Powered from UV LED Head: no requirement for electricity with simplified connectivity

PLC Fault Indicators: error and status identification with convenient monitoring

Control through RS232 or RS485: daisy-chain or point-to-point addressability

Local or Remote Operation: local operation has no requirement for computer programming with simple integration; the flexibility to support robustly different configurations

LCD Display: easily make changes to operational modes and accessing UV LED system information with ease:

  • Different user modes programmability
  • LED and temperature hours

OmniCure Series 2000

The most intelligent system of its kind is the OmniCure Series 2000 UV/Visible spot curing system. Some of its features include:

  • Users can combine the optional RS2000 radiometer with setting and calibrating absolute irradiance levels from a single reference point wirelessly.
  • For repeatable cures, users can maintain exposure levels with its closed-loop feedback technology automatically. With that, they can even control the most advanced assembly process.
  • The cooling feature of the lamp is through the Intelli-Lamp technology. With this, it will monitor accumulated lamp hours while extending lamp life.
  • Up to 30W/cm2 output of 2000W lamp technology. The system will lower operating costs and guarantee a life of about 2000 hours.

OmniCure Advantage in Spot Curing Systems

OmniCure platform has the latest model called The Series 2000. The system offers a new 200W lamp technology and outstanding control features with a guaranteed life expectancy of 2000 hours. The Closed-Loop Feedback technology included in the OmniCure Series 2000 will allow users to choose the required output levels. By doing so, they can lock in the settings and maintain or monitor these settings continuously. This will result in repeatable cures. Using the R2000 Radiometer, users can set multiple curing systems through serial or wireless communication.

Tack-Free Acrylics Surface Curing

The ability to cure methacrylic and acrylic adhesives is the unique feature of the OmniCureSeries 2000 system. Users do not need an inert atmosphere during post-curing or curing at elevated temperatures since the exclusive lamp technology promotes a tack-free, smooth surface finish.


For users that want automated processes, they will find an ideal fit in the OmniCure Series 2000. Using directly from a PC with serial communication or the 15-pin I/O ports, users can control and program the curing system from a PLC 2000. The system has included PC commands and software. And when operators need to network multiple systems, they can do that with external devices.

Radiometer Control

Operators can set and calibrate specific irradiance values on their curing system when combining the new R2000 Radiometer with their OmniCure Series 2000. They can calibrate multiple curing systems using serial or wireless communication from the same radiometer through the handheld radiometer.


Users can automatically adjust to maintain their selected set point through EXFO’s Closed-Loop Feedback technology of the OmniCure Series 2000 that will continuously monitor the source’s light. With this, users can maintain the required output level for every cure.

2000 Hour Lamp Life Guaranteed

There are guaranteed lower operation costs and life expectancy of 2000 hours with the new 200W lamp for plenty of power in the OmniCure Series 2000. The lamp can get automatic maintenance with the Intelli-Lamp technology. As such, there is no need to have extra effort when activating the lamp warranty. And with the 200W lamp of up to 30W/cm2 of output, that means versatility. Users can tell with multi-legged Light Guides as it delivers the intensity they need for a broad range of applications.

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