Fish cooking method

The goal in fish cooking is to improve the flavor, but the cooking also coagulates the protein. In cooking, the cook should also try to keep the shape or shape of the fish. It is difficult to keep the shape of the fish while cooking mainly because of the small amount of connective tissue present in the flesh that causes the fish to defeat. It is preferable to cook fish for a short period of time at a moderate temperature.

It is a very good method of baking fish because it retains all the flavor and food value of fish and makes fish tender and easily digestible. It is important to remember that for the best results, the fish must be seasoned slightly and a small oil must be added before smoking to prevent it from sticking to the plate. The fish must be set to steam in a saucepan of boiling water with a well-adapted lid. The duration depends on the size of the fish. Generally for the standard fish size takes about 10 to 15 minutes, while the larger fish will require a little more time. A well-cooked steamed fish has a tender and wet flesh and a very delicate flavor while a cooked fish will have a dry and hard flesh that is flat and unpleasant to eat.

Although it is a simple cooking method, it must be done with caution as not the breakdown of the fish. When you boil the fish, put it with boiling water, lower the fire at a time and simmer the fish slowly until it is cooked. The finely sliced ​​fish will cook as soon as it is placed in boiling water, while the entire fish will take 10 to 15 minutes of mild simmer.

This method is usually used to cook an entire fish. This is a very good cooking method because all the food value and the flavor are kept in the fish. The fatty fish are preferable to grill because they are better fragrant then the white fish. To be grilled, do not have the scales removed as the scale and skin help keep the fish and when cooked, the scale and the skin are very easily removed. Some people like to wrap the fish in banana leaves so that everything in grill, it will absorb some of the flavor. This package also protects fish and prevent it from burning too quickly. When you grill on an open fire, it is necessary to make sure the fish does not like too quickly, because it takes time for the fish to be cook through. A slow fire is necessary for the fish cooled carefully without burning.

This is the most common method of baking fish. It can be fried in the shallow grease or in deep grease. When frying fish in deep fat, it is usually necessary to cover the fish to prevent breakage. Fish can be covered with seasoned flour, eggs and crumbling, eggs and flour or dough. The coating holds not only the fish together but also helps seal the flavor of the fish. Fried fish is more difficult to digest than fish cooked by any other method and should not be given very young children and seniors with low digestions.

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