Frequently asked questions about carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg, VA

How long do you have to wait before walking on the carpet after cleaning? Do you have to move all your furniture for carpet cleaning? What to expect when cleaning carpets? These are all legit questions, asked by thousands of people online. We will offer you the answers, with the help of Home & Business Services – a family-owned company operating in the Greater Fredericksburg Area, VA since 2013. They offer residential, commercial, window, air duct, and carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, as well as home maintenance, handyman services, and turnkey services.

Can you walk on the carpet after cleaning? Experts in carpet cleaning Fredericksburg VA advise you to wait at least six hours before stepping on the professionally cleaned carpet. The reason for this is very simple and straightforward: this interval gives the carpet sufficient time to dry. For extra protection, remove your shoes and walk on the carpet either barefoot, or wearing clean, white socks.

What to expect when cleaning carpets? Well, if you opt for Home & Business Services –‘s carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, you should expect the following: fast drying times; complete stain removal; pet odor removal; safe products; quick service; free estimates; a flexible way to pay (online, cash, or by check). This company always starts with a walk-through, and then guides you through all the steps, literally and figuratively. They use hot water extraction, also known as steam cleaning, the most efficient carpet cleaning process, that is “tough on dirt, and gentle on the carpet”.

Do you have to move all your furniture for carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA? In short, the answer is yes. To make sure that every corner of the carpet is cleaned thoroughly, you will want to move all the light furniture out of the way. This ensures that the technicians will have access to the whole area easily. If you can’t do it yourself, Home & Business Services’ professional cleaners will help you move your furniture away from the carpet, for the process.

Do carpets get dirty faster after cleaning? This is just an illusion, created by the fact that, on a clean carpet, any stain, dirty spot, or other detail is much more visible. However, this could be the case if you DIY, and not opt for a company specialized in carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA, such as Home & Business Services. They will make sure they clean your carpets in the best possible manner so that you won’t have any problems of this kind, after waiting long enough for them to dry (see question number 1).

Should you vacuum after carpet cleaning? Again, in short, the answer is a definitive yes. However, we reiterate: it’s crucial that you let the carpet dry completely before any action, including vacuuming. In this case, the best advice that the above-mentioned company specialized in carpet cleaning in Fredericksburg VA has for you is the following: wait until the next day, and then vacuum as you normally would.

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