How to Answer Exam Questions Effectively?

As it is very important to be well prepared for your exams, it is also essential to be skilled enough to present the information and answer the questions in a precise and brief way. Minor errors caused by your negligence may reflect on your final results. There are many things that can help you avoid by creating minor errors in your exams.

Tips to Answer Exam Questions Effectively

Here are a few simple tips, which may help students in knocking those

questions out of the park!

Presenting an answer during the exam plays an equally important role in preparing for exams. Most of the students will be thoroughly prepared themselves for exams, reviewed all their notes, finished with mock tests and finally waiting to present on their exam paper. An improper presentation of answers in their exam sheet is expected to fetch fewer marks.

Each student has their own style of writing the answer. Few begin their answers with a caption and others begin with the phrase.

  • Always begin your answer with a general line about the question, continue with diagrams or formulas or theorems if required.
  • Answers should contain the concepts and facts in an interesting way and never look like a story.
  • Always make a practice of presenting answers in the phrase or in points one below the other.
  • Draw a tabular column for the comparison questions like differences between plant and animal cells, mitosis and meiosis, etc.
  • Answer the questions accordingly to the allotted marks. Add examples, equations, diagrams and formulas where ever required and maintain neat handwriting.
  • Try to attempt all those questions first which are easy and you are more familiar with. This will build your positive thoughts towards the exam and makes you free from stress & anxiety. Never get stuck in a single question, just keep on moving on to the next question which you can answer quickly.
  • Attempt all questions. Never leave any questions blank, just write a few words and draw whatever you have studied relevant to that topic.
  • Maintain a proper space in between each word and try to write the answer without striking and overwriting as this will make your paper look untidy.

Answers are of many types, which depends on the given questions such as short answers, long answers, one-word answers, etc.

Types of Answers

One word answer means to give information in a single sentence. For e.g.  Yes or No. The One-word answer is given for the objective sort of questions, true or false, etc.

Short answers are those which provide the information, in brief, the recommended characters or word count should be of 400 to 500.

Long answers are similar to short answers, but it requires detailed information about the topic and the recommended characters can be 750 to 800 or usually one to two pages. This is an essay type of answer, which should be well elaborated with a suitable diagram, important points, merits and demerits. For example – Plasma membrane. Explain in detail, if required, draw a neatly labelled diagram to describe its structure and explain the plasma membrane functions in pointwise.

 Draw a neat labelled diagram for the question like the diagrammatic representation of a typical flower, DNA structure, Human Brain, etc. Never leave the diagrams with blank labels if you are not able to remember any labels, represent at least 5 common parts.

Finally, keep the last 10 to 15 minutes of your time in re-checking and arranging the answer sheet in sequential order before submitting to the examiner. Check whether you have answered all the questions, have you underlined the subtitles, labelled the diagrams and lastly check your registration or hall ticket number.

Hope these tips might be useful for your upcoming exams.

All the best!

These are a few effective tips related to the answering questions in their exams. For more information regarding tips and tricks, students can visit us at  BYJU’S website. Learn more by watching interesting online video teachings on diverse Biology topics by subscribing to the BYJU’S YouTube Channel.

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