How To Boost Your Laptop’s Productivity?

With our workspaces shifting to the online sphere, it becomes crucial to make the most out of our time. Those who care for their valuable time tend to minimize the effort to do a task or find small smart ways.

If you have a laptop device in hand, the tips mentioned in this article should assist you in maximizing the innate productivity.

Shift to cloud data storage

If you have always been using the traditional way of storing files and documents in your system, it’s time to make the smart move. This way, you’ll not only help clear out a significant amount of storage in your device but also be able to add collaborative features to your data.

Files on the cloud can be readily accessed by anyone you grant permission, making you stay connected with your data at all times. Cloud storage options like Google Drive let you share links of your files, which can be opened on any internet-connected device.

Use handy converter tools online

Switching between file formats can often be a hassle, even for professional users. This is why you should keep an array of converter tools at your disposal so that you can change your file to the desired format.

Instead of wasting time, keep bookmarks of reliable tools like PDFSimpli when you want to convert PDF to JPG online. Tools like this don’t need to be installed on your system but can be easily accessed with the help of a browser.

Organize your file systematically

Experts say that file management is an art. However, it also becomes a necessity when you have so much data to deal with.

Properly managing the files in your system will let you get back to them whenever you want. This way, you will keep yourself from getting paranoid the next time you want to find that PDF of your high school worksheet.

You can use a different naming scheme in order to incorporate certain data elements in the file name of the document. More so, you can use dedicated folders and color-coding to instill order in your database.

Learn keyboard shortcuts

Although the mouse and trackpad can be precision-guided, you can save a significant amount of time by mastering keyboard shortcuts. By this, I mean training your fingers with these handy commands until you develop muscle memory.

Saving two seconds for one operation will add up if you have to repeat it multiple times throughout a week or month.

While there are numerous keyboard shortcuts for using the native functionality of a device, you should also dive into dedicated keyboard commands or shortcuts for different applications.

Utilize the power of the ecosystem

Most online users are today aware of the term ecosystem and how well-integrated it makes all the devices and apps around us.

You can amplify the core functionalities of several programs or devices by using them in synchronization. Getting your data and updates on multiple devices and platforms becomes easy when you genuinely tap into the power of a well-formulated ecosystem.

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