How to cook easier

When cooking, we sometimes make a mess in the kitchen. We hit something and this cup of liquid or an ingredient is flipped on the counter or drop an egg on the floor. Such accidents are common during cooking.

If you are a new cook or want to make the experience more enjoyable, here are some tips to make it easier for you. You probably know or have heard these tips before. It is always good to remind you that you are not the only one to have these experiences.


Cleaning seems to be the main reason that people hate cooking. Before you start preparing your meal, drain a Sunsy water sink available. In this way, when you get something back, you can clean it immediately. In addition, when you put your foods to serve dishes, you can immediately wash your pots and pans or put in the water to soak for easy cleaning. Nothing is worse than having food stuck to your pots and your stoves and have to rub them.

Avoid cross-contamination

In the cleaning step, we suggested that you have a Sunsy water well available. You can use this to wash all cutting boards, plates or utensils that come into contact with raw meat. You want to avoid cross-contamination by cleaning them as you work.

You will also want to wash your hands thoroughly and often while you prepare your dishes. If you prepare a dish of meat and vegetables, you will want to wash your hands after handling the meat and before starting to prepare vegetables or vice versa.

Follow the cooking instructions

Before preparing your dish, read the instructions carefully. Most instructions indicate that you should preheat your oven before placing the dish inside. The instructions will also indicate the temperature and cooking time for your particular dish. If you prepare a meat dish by itself, most packagings as well as cookbooks located at what temperature the meat must reach to be completely cooked as you wish.

It is important to follow these instructions because you can burn your food if the temperature is too high or you can subproach the food. The meat sub-cap is particularly dangerous because all bacteria can not be killed during the cooking process.

Timing is also important. If you cook your dish too long, it can prove to be rubbery or unpleasant.

Select a simple recipe

When you are starting to cooking, it is better to start with a simple recipe. This helps you understand the cooking process and your dish will be revealed as you expect. It will make you feel comfortable cooking. This does not mean that you “will love” cooking. This means that cooking will not be as stressful for you.

Read your selected recipe repeatedly before you start gathering your ingredients and your utensils. This will help you understand the steps involved and will also help you decide the appropriate ingredients and utensils to use. You will also know which temperature should be cooked and for how long.

Kalvin Abbas
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