Importance of Using Face Masks During the Pandemic

The World Health Organization pointed out the use of face protection masks as an essential measure of protection and prevention of the spread of the new coronavirus. There are many places where you can get wholesale face masks at lower prices.

For the general population, the guideline is the use of cloth masks, while surgical and filter masks, such as the N95, should be aimed at health professionals and people with symptoms of Covid-19.

According to research, the use of facial protection masks, even homemade cloth, prevents the spread of droplets expelled from the user’s nose or mouth in the environment. This acts as a physical barrier against the spread of the new coronavirus.

It is essential to highlight that the face protection mask is a complement to other preventive measures for the new coronavirus. To interrupt the virus’s dissemination cycle, it is necessary to follow the rules of social distancing, covering the mouth when coughing or sneezing, and to clean your hands with sanitizers or soap and water continually.

How to Make Face Masks

As the guideline is that the general population wear cloth masks, some precautions when making or buying masks should be followed. Fabrics with adequate particle filtering capacity should be used To ensure protection effectiveness.

Cloth masks should be made with products such as cotton or pillowcases made of antimicrobial tissue.

Materials found daily can also be used, such as T-shirts, shorts and other garments in good condition, or even non-woven fabric.

The main thing is that the mask is made with double layers, in the correct measure (about 21 cm high and 34 cm wide). It should completely cover the mouth and nose and fit well to the face, leaving no free space on the sides. If the mask is made of TNT, it must be discarded every time it is used.

How to Use and Care for Your Face Masks

The face protection mask is a device for individual use and should not be shared between family and friends. The equipment should also be changed after two hours, so ideally, each person should have at least two cloth masks with them.

The mask should be worn whenever the person needs to leave the house, hand hygiene before and after putting on the garment. It should be placed carefully covering the mouth and nose and tied securely above the ears and below the nape, to reduce the space between the face and the equipment.

While wearing the mask, avoid touching it and do not adjust it on the street. After two hours of use, or whenever it is dirty or damp, replace it and store the used one in a plastic bag to clean it later. When removing the mask, take it by the loop or the knot on the back, avoiding touching it on the front.

The used masks should be washed in a dilution of water and bleach. The proportion to be used is 1 part of bleach to 50 parts of water. Soak the mask for about 30 minutes and then wash with soap and water.

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