Keter Rolls Out New “Made With UBQ” Product Line to Cut Carbon Emissions

Global resin goods leader Keter announced it is expanding the use of UBQ Materials’ innovative bio-based thermoplastic across several new product lines. This key move will allow Keter to factor emissions reduction into its sustainability targets and maintain progress on ESG commitments.

In addition to its 55 percent recycled material usage overall, the company will include a 5-10 percent UBQ load in a new eco-conscious line dubbed “Made With UBQ.” The launch cements Keter’s place at the forefront of sustainability in its industry.

Keter Co-Head of Israel and Chief Sustainability Officer Iftach Sachar said, “We aim toimprove our sectorr. After years collaborating with UBQ Materials, we are going beyond recycled content to drive real impact.”

Sachar added, “Combining our size with UBQ’s climate-positive substance lets us deliver tangible, eco-friendly goods that provably help the planet. We’ll highlight this at COP28 while uniting to address the climate crisis with a credible proposition.”

With UBQ’s latest Netherlands plant starting operations by year-end 2022, Keter intends to quicken new product efforts. At 80,000 annual tons capacity, the Bergen op Zoom site will streamline supplying regional facilities. Critically, it will also enable a localized circular economy that converts local waste into material to fuel regional makers.

UBQ Materials Co-CEO and Chairman Albert Douer said, “This shows the actual climate benefit when customers co-create to remove and avoid emissions. Keter leads in allying virgin and recycled plastics through material innovation, setting the new standard. Building on years of teamwork, we’re defining sustainable excellence for the sector.”

Keter’s 2022 Sustainability Report tracked progress on climate goals and the effect of its sustainability approach backed by UBQ. By expanding UBQ adoption, Keter can maintain momentum towards aims.

At COP28, the UNFCCC Global Innovation Hub Pavilion hosted a panel on Climate Partnerships with Co-Founder and Co-CEO Tato Bigio and Keter’s UK/Ireland/Nordics Managing Director Edward Johnson. They detailed how adding UBQ helps Keter meet targets and their shared outlook.

About UBQ Materials

UBQ Materials patented process repurposes waste into an eco-friendly thermoplastic called UBQ. UBQ helps customers like Keter remove emission by diverting residuals from landfills and incineratorss. A certified B Corp, UBQ Materials provides businesses and cities with a circular economy solution globally.

About Keter

Keter is the world’s top resin goods firm, active in 100 countries with over 25,000 retail partners. Focused on consumer-inspired innovation, Keter provides outdoor furniture and storage solutions that simplify daily life. Ongoing efforts to enhance experiences drive Keter’s global success.

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