Kinds of Personal Protection Equipment (PPE) and its Usage

2020 has taught us many new things like social distancing, home quarantine, and many more. But most of these factors were already there, and it’s just that our generation has never faced any challenges where we could get acquainted with all these. In fact, PPE kits or Personal Protection Equipment is also not a new thing at all. Let’s see how and where exactly PPE is relevant.

Personal Protection Equipment- Professional Need

Earlier the industrial workers used to wear gowns, masks, gloves, etc., to protect themselves while working on the heavy machines. They still do in some industries. The professional trainers instruct advice, suggest, train, supervise, and encourage the workers to use the PPE for the safety of the co-workers.

Not only that, the doctors, nurses, and all those people who are from the medical profession know and understand the importance of using personal protection equipment. They understand that the use of PPE is for their protection and protecting the patients.

Before the pandemic situation, personal protective equipment was commonly used in the health care sector, such as a private clinic, doctor’s chambers, hospitals, labs, etc.

Personal Protection Equipment during Covid-19

The year 2020 was not as what has been expected by the people. Due to covid-19, people have not only lost their jobs but their loved ones too. Those who are alive are leaving no stone unturned to protect themselves.

Apart from using face masks, sanitizers, head covers or caps, etc., to protect themselves, human beings are taking other precautionary measures to avoid getting infected by this (covid-19) or any other kind of disease. From washing, the regular hands-on basis for cleaning their clothes after coming from outside people are doing everything, which is possible to keep themselves safe.

Types of PPE or personal protective equipment

 For protecting your eyes from dust, gas, radiation metal splash, you can use safety spectacles, face shields, goggles, visors, etc.

For head and neck protection, bump caps and helmets.

To protect your ears from loud noise, you can use earplugs, semi-insert canal caps, earmuffs, etc.

Hand and arm gloves and gauntlets you can use to protect your hands.

Safety boots, shoes, toe-caps for protecting legs.

 The importance and use of personal protection equipment

The personal protection equipment consists of clothes or garments used to protect the people from being infected with any kind of disease. However, if it is an airborne disease or infection, people also have to use goggles, face shields, rubber boots, and head-covers.

Personal protective equipment or PPE is crucial for preventing transmission of any kind of virus. The protective shield or PPE has the potential to restrict the transmission of contaminants from body fluids, mouth, nose, eyes, ears, etc. The different kinds of protective protection equipment also help protect the people who are suffering from any variety of minor or major medical conditions.

Proper use of protective equipment can save you and your family from being infected with any kind of disease. So if you want to minimize the spread of bacteria and any kind of infection, then the proper use of personal protection equipment is very much important.

Tips you can use to buy the right personal protection equipment.

When buying PPE or personal protective equipment, you may find yourself in a confusing situation. As there are many different companies and brands manufacturing PPE, you need to buy the ones that suit your needs.

  • You should select the personal protection products that are certified.
  • Buying the PPE from a genuine and authorized supplier should be your essential aim.
  • Select the personal protection equipment that fits you- size, weight, height, etc.
  • Read the instruction of use given on the boxes of the different PPE, which you are planning to buy.
  • Do not forget to closely check the manufacturing and expiry dates too.
  • Checking the price is also a vital process.


Personal protective equipment (PPE) is nothing but protective gear like clothes, gloves, masks, helmets, and other specially designed equipment to protect the wearer from any type of disease and injury.

They say history repeats itself. There was a time when people used to wear PPE to protect themselves from harmful radioactive rays. Yes, we are talking about World Wartime. Then with the advent of scientific inventions and elevated consciousness, we understood how it is essential to use PPE to protect ourselves from a lot of external factors. PPE saved many medical practitioners during this pandemic and has proved how important an invention it is for humankind’s sake.

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