Oral health – What role is nutrient play?

Health and well-being overall your oral cavity significantly depends on eating properly. Large reactions occur in your mouth when you regularly eat excessive sweet foods such as candy or even soda. In this scenario, bacteria in the oral cavity you will continue to convert carbohydrates and sugar into acids. This kind of acid, in turn, attacks teeth enamel and finally tracks the decay process. Thus, the teeth decay is usually the first dental health problem that you will face if your routine eating habits are not appropriate. Then, here are 10 top food reviews, which can allow you to maintain healthy oral health.

1. Cheese
Consumption of cheese regularly will increase the pH level of your mouth. This can substantially minimize the risk of teeth (tooth decay). The action of chewing in eating cheese raised saliva level in the mouth cavity too. Because most dentists who are competent will have it, this is the first line of defense of bacteria. Cheese is also very rich in calcium along with proteins that fortify tooth enamel.

2. Green leafy vegetables
Vegetables such as spinach or even kale are very important to maintain excellent dental health. This green leafy vegetable is loaded with calcium, which is needed for the development of strong and healthy teeth enamel. They are also rich in vitamin B complex, and especially folic acid. This vitamin has been shown to treat gum disease in pregnant women.

3. Celery.
Indeed, the large celery is a rather bland vegetable. However, consuming it regularly can be very good for your oral health. Celery is abrasive, and can function as a ‘toothbrush’ that mask food particles and bacteria, which are trapped between teeth. In the case of bacteria, the saliva you produce while consuming these vegetables will neutralize the Streptococcus mutans. This is just a bacterium that causes the cavity. Celery is also loaded with Vitamin A and C. 2 This powerful antioxidant goes to work by improving the overall gum health.

4. Apples.
As a rule, you must always make the point to avoid sweet foods, but fruits like apples that are rich in fiber and water are exceptions. Fiber and water are very necessary for excellent dental health. Chewing apples will produce a lot of saliva. In turn, saliva can rinse food particles trapped between teeth. Also, the fibrous properties of these fruits can be proven to be very useful effectively stimulate gums.

5. Tea.
Black and green tea varieties come packed with compounds called polyphenols. Polyphenols ensure optimal dental health with their ability to inhibit the growth of bacteria, which trigger a cavity and periodic disease. When it comes to green tea, it has other compounds known as catechins who can destroy bacteria, which causes plaque buildup. Advanced accumulation of plaque results in bringing teeth.

6. Onion.
Onions have strong anti-bacterial sulfur compounds that are good for your dental health. They are very effective when consumed raw.

7. Yogurt.
Yogurt is very rich in calcium along with protein. This means effectively can strengthen teeth enamel. At the same time, probiotics in it are very good for healthy gum maintenance. This is caused by their extraordinary abilities to ‘crowded’ bacteria that cause cavities. However, just go for ordinary yogurt, which doesn’t contain sugar additives.

8. Kiwi.
Kiwi has a difference to become a fruit that has the highest levels of vitamin C. The sharp deficiency of this essential antioxidant causes damaged gum collagen. In the end, the gum will be soft, and far more susceptible to bacteria that trigger gum disease.

9. Sweet potato
Sweet potatoes come with vitamin A, which plays an important role in the development of healthy teeth enamel.

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