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Do not rely solely on the promotional rate displayed. Take into account the base rate which will take over at the end of the promo! To compare the offers, the best is to calculate an actuarial rate in order to know the real rate over twelve months by combining the boosted offer and the base rate. Here is the formula to apply to your scientific calculator : (1 + promo rate) ^ (number of months of the promo offer / 12) x (1 + base rate) ^ (number of months at the base rate / 12). Subtract 1 from the result and multiply by 100. Thus, for the booklet, you will have gained 2.72% after one year. The Evergreen Wealth Formula reviews will help you to get the best solutions there.

Life insurance: pay without counting

As the returns on euro funds melted, the payout charge for life insurance has grown proportionately huge. On average at 3%, they can climb up to 5% in the most demanding contracts! They must therefore be negotiated. Ideally at subscription, but you can come back to the charge later, on the occasion of a large payment for example. More radically, open a new life insurance alongside your old contract, and gradually transfer your outstanding amounts to it. Indeed, in recent years, contracts with 0% entry fees have flourished, especially on the Internet.

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Side custody rights, the report is just as clear. These are simply absent from the price brochures of most Internet brokers, often on condition that a minimum number of transactions are carried out. But in a traditional banking network, you will be forced to opt for the bank’s investments in order to benefit from discounts! Taken together, these fees can represent significant sums, as shown by our annual list of banking fees, based on an active stock market profile . Managing his stock savings plan will cost him an average of 335.27 euros, compared to 240.51 euros in an online bank. At the least expensive for this profile, Fortuneo, the cost even drops to 93.60 euros.

Stock market Opt for an online broker

Stock savings plans and securities accounts have a great advantage over life insurance: they are transferable to another institution! You would be wrong to deprive yourself of it.

In the May edition of its Letter from the Observatory of Savings, the financiers underlined the considerable differences between the prices charged by network banks and those of online brokers. Whether for fees charged on orders as for custody fees. Thus, on the panel studied, an order of 5,000 euros placed on Euronext costs on average 26.50 euros with a traditional savings player, against 10.40 euros with an online broker.

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