Prevention from Diseases Transmitted by Mosquitoes

Mosquito control is considered a process that is meant for managing the population of mosquitoes in order to reduce their damage to human health, economies, and livelihood. This process is known to be a vital public health practice all over the world. This process is famous primarily in the tropics, where mosquitoes are the sole reason for spreading a lot of diseases such as malaria and Zika virus.

Problems that Demand Mosquito Control

Preventing human beings and animals from mosquitoes has become a huge concern for the government because mosquitoes are transmitting a lot of diseases. The mosquito control operations are targeted towards three problems which are: –

  • Nuisance mosquitoes are the ones who bother and irritate people in their houses, parks, and recreational areas. They don’t let a person sit peacefully. Taking a nap is impossible when these types of mosquitoes are around.
  • Economically important mosquitoes are those which are responsible for reducing the value of the real estate, affecting the tourism of the country, and other related business interests. These mosquitoes also negatively impact livestock or poultry production. These types of mosquitoes affect the national income as they reduce the value of the real estate, so it is very important to control the increasing population of mosquitoes.
  • Public health is another focus because female mosquitoes are considered vectors or transmitters which are responsible for carrying viruses of different diseases and transmitting them to humans. Diseases like dengue fever, malaria, yellow fever, ileus virus, zika virus, and filariasis get transmitted through mosquitoes.

Monitoring Mosquitoes

In order to manage and control the population of mosquitoes, the government needs to monitor them regularly in order to know their actual population. The population of mosquitoes gets monitored by landing rate counts, mechanical traps, or lidar technology.

  • In case of landing rate counts, an inspector gets assigned who is responsible for visiting a set number of sites every day. They count the number of female mosquitoes that Land on a part of the body, such as the arm or legs, between a given time.
  • In the case of mechanical traps, a fan is used for blowing the adult mosquitoes into a trap bag. After which, these mosquitoes are taken into the laboratory for different types of analysis. The mechanical trap uses visual cues or chemical attractants to attract female adult mosquitoes, which are normally given off by mosquito hosts.
  • Lidar technology is an advanced process that is based on new technologies and inventions. This technology helps to differentiate between male and female mosquitoes. With the help of this technology, one can identify the female mosquitoes in seconds and start the analysis process on them immediately.


Mosquito control has become an important requirement in today’s world. Since a lot of diseases are caused due to mosquito breeding, one needs to take essential steps to stop it as soon as possible. The surroundings of the house should be clean and there should be no stagnant water around. Personal hygiene helps a lot in mosquito control.

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