Reasons Why Amazon Suspends E-Commerce Account

Being a businessman can be a difficult task. You need to go through numerous difficulties each day. Especially if you are involved in any E-Commerce business, you have to give in a lot to gain something in return.

When it comes to Amazon, it devotes massive resources to the domain of risk management on the marketplace of third-party sellers. Every year the company suspends thousands of sellers for some reasons or others. Let us get to know why one experiences dispersion of their account.

·      The Primary Importance Rests On Product Quality

Product quality is something that one needs to maintain. Amazon expects the sellers to provide the buyers with the best experience. With fast email responses, easy returns, and perfect product quality, you can avoid suspension. But if you go through the ‘Amazon account suspended‘ phase, you need to take legal action to solve the issue.

·      Follow The Rules

Following the rules can prevent you from account suspension. You should not divert the buyers from the Amazon account to your website to solve an issue. In case you experience suspension, you can opt for an Amazon suspension appeal to get a solution for your problem

Some suspensions are simple and can be solved quickly. Whereas, account suspension can drag on for months resulting in failure.

·      Operating Multiple Accounts

Many sellers fail to abide by the policies enforced by Amazon. Due to this reason, they experience account suspension. It is strictly prohibited by Amazon to have more than one seller account.

Though, if you have a legitimate business and are still looking for a second account, you can apply while being an exception to the policy. But it is crucial to follow the procedures before opening multiple accounts.

·      Inauthentic Complaints

Amazon takes product authenticity seriously. To avoid complaints regarding authentic products, the seller needs to be proactive in their business. As you respond to the buyer’s complaint soon, it helps to solve the problem without letting you experience account suspension.

It is imperative on the part of the seller to provide invoices early. Buyers tend to flag damaged products as inauthentic. Therefore ensuring quality control and proper packaging, one can avoid such complaints and prevent unauthentic complaints.

·      Unauthorized Sale

The Amazon account suspended seller may experience baseless complaint that accuses them of intellectual property infringement. Most manufacturers tend to set up exclusive distribution agreements with the distributors. But Amazon does not enforce such exclusive distribution agreements. Hence the complaints against these Amazon sellers were improperly asserted and often invalid.

Furthermore, sellers who legally purchase authentic products are protected by the ‘First Sale Doctrine.’ Therefore the complaint that claims intellectual property infringement becomes baseless.

Maintaining your Amazon seller account can be a difficult and demanding task. As all the sellers are human, therefore making occasional mistakes is a part of nature. If the seller follows the guidelines properly, it can resolve the issues without increasing the difficulties. One may not hesitate to contact the law firm that focuses on rights owner complaints, seller account suspensions, and brand policing.

Kalvin Abbas
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