Site audit, the first step in any SEO optimization process

SEO optimization services have become an integrated part of structured and efficient online marketing strategies. In other words, this process should be found within every online advertisement strategy, no matter the size or the offer of a certain brand.

Thus, alongside other marketing processes (PPC campaigns, social media actions for brand awareness and email marketing), your site can sell at its full capacity only if you include SEO optimization services into your plan.

What is SEO?

In a few words, Search Engine Optimization is an online marketing technique that implies website optimization (online shops or presentation pages) for the search engines. Precisely, this process focuses on Google, this being the top search engine in the world.

With all the actions and activities it implies, SEO optimization aims at taking your website in the top positions of the SERP (Search Engine Results Pages) for all the keywords that you target. The best SEO specialists will bring you the best results (more pages of your site ranking high in SERP). The main goal is to generate organic traffic and, ideally, reach a higher conversion rate.

The entire process is vast and usually begins with keyword research. After that, during the audit stage, a series of changes and updates will have to be made in order for your site to become more relevant, strong, appealing and user-friendly. A web page’s usability is essential for the desktop version, as well as the mobile version. If a business does not have a functional site yet, one will be built with the help of SEO optimization specialists according to the keyword research strategy.

What is an SEO audit?

In simplest terms, a site audit is a process for evaluating the search engine friendliness of a website in multiple areas. Think of it as a comprehensive evaluation of the site’s overall performance. According to the specialists, “your site is like a ship and the links you create are the wind that helps it sail. Being able to sail requires strong links that are targeted in the direction you need to go. An SEO optimization site audit makes sure that your website is prepared for the link building strategy and helps us identify the potential problems that keep your site from reaching top SERP positions”.

Regarding the specific actions required in a site audit, this process actually is a detailed analysis of the strong and the weak points of a website, with the purpose of creating a custom SEO optimization strategy that is as efficient as it can be.

Which actions and activities are included in the SEO audit?

This process targets different details of each website, starting with the technical details and going through all the content and design aspects. Here are a few of the main aspects that are included in the SEO audit for most of the sites:

  • verifying all the existent links within the website;
  • identifying all the technical issues (loading speed, sitemap, robots.txt, accessibility errors such as 404 and so on);
  • duplicate content, indexing issues;
  • usability analisys;
  • onsite audit – internal linking strategy, possible design issues, site architecture difficulties;
  • offsite audit – backlinks analysis, backlinks distribution, anchor text distribution, competition research and so on.

Of course, the SEO audit is useless if the specialists you work with are unable to figure out how to fix the issues they noticed and how to improve your site’s efficiency.

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