Slow Juicers: A Complete Guide

A simple juicer is also referred to as a juice extractor and is known to be a fundamental tool that is used for the extraction of juice from vegetables,  fruits,  herbs, and green leaves.  This device basically performs the crushing,  grinding, or juicing action to squeeze out the juice from the pulp of the given item.  Juicers can be of two types,  one being motorized and the other being manual. Most juicers have different kinds of functions, including crushing herbs and spices, extruding pasta, making baby food for grinding coffee, and making smoothies.

In this article, we are specifically referring to a slow juicer that almost functions in the same manner as any other juicer and extracts the juice by crushing the fruits and vegetables into bits. The only difference between a slow juicer and any other type of juicer is that the action of a slow juicer is much slower, and it takes more time to complete the entire task than any other normal juicer.

The beneficial side of a slow juicer is that it takes more time to slowly extract all the nutrients from the fruits and vegetables and add them to the juice. In such cases, the quality of juice is much more superior in comparison to the juice that has been extracted by any regular juicer as this is much higher in nutritious value and undoubtedly has beneficial ingredients.

Slow Juicers

Slow juicers are also referred to as cold press juicers and are comparatively much newer in the market. These slow juicers are not as popular as fast juices, and often it is observed that the public is not completely aware of the benefits of a slow juicer, and thus it results in low demand for this item.  one reason why people don’t like to buy slow juicers is that it is more expensive than any regular juicer. The slow juices are responsible for producing more pulp content in the juice, thus resulting in a much more nutrient-rich juice than regular juicers. Another benefit of a slow juicer could be that it does not produce as much heat as a fast juicer because it has a much slower operation.

Advantages of a Slow Juicer

A slow juicer offers different kinds of advantages that a fast juicer cannot complete with. The most appreciated benefit of a slow juicer is that it also has the ability to process leafy greens like mint,  tulsi, kale, sprouts, wheatgrass, among others. The slow crushing action of this device helps to extract maximum nutrients from the fruits and vegetables, which is otherwise not possible in fast juicers. The slow juicer tends to make much less noise than the fast juicers and is definitely very beneficial for people who like to make and consume juices.

Disadvantages of a Slow Juicer

In spite of having a lot of good qualities, these slow juicers also come with a lot of disadvantages.  One of these significant disadvantages of a slow juicer is the amount of time that it consumes to produce a simple juice.  It is often observed that people don’t wish to invest that kind of time for such a simple task.  These juicers also don’t come with a pulp dumping mechanism, and thus it becomes challenging for the owners to clean this device. The initial cost of investment in these juicers is very expensive, and often, people don’t wish to invest that amount of money behind these devices. Usually, these juicers are found to be twice or thrice more expensive than regular juicers.

Hurom Slow Juicers

One of the best slow juicers that are available across the globe at the moment is Hurom slow juicers. They claim to be a fantastic blend of technology and science that actually makes it possible to extract the highest possible quality of juice from any fruit or vegetable.

Also, they can produce the best quality juices so which helps people to discover the richest flavors of fruits and vegetables. Hurom slow juicers are known to rotate at the speed of 43 rotations per minute, which almost appeals like hand extraction providing maximum benefits of the ingredients.

The expert officials of this company are continuously engaged in brainstorming and coming up with professional design and practically effective ideas to minimize loss of nutrition due to different reasons like exposure and oxidation, which are a part of any other regular juicer. This company works towards the best designs and ideas which can preserve and restore the freshness of the ingredients.

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