Strategies to Consider for Criminal Defense

Over the past five decades, crime levels have increased, and the perpetrators are taking advantage of the advancing technology to improve their techniques of crime. The security and court systems have also come up with means to counter the rising criminality, and the measures are certainly bearing fruit. Though the justice system is doing an incredible job in ensuring all citizens’ safety, some blunders happen. One could wrongly get accused of criminal offenses and possibly face a jail sentence.

Recently, the story of a father that was falsely locked up in prison for years after being wrongly accused of raping his daughter resurfaced when he was exonerated. Such cases and many more still happen today, and as such, getting a good criminal defense lawyer could help a person get out of such situations. Everyone deserves a right to get heard even though they might have committed the crime. The law dictates a fair trial for all in the mercies of the justice system. Some strategies used by top-notch criminal lawyers to win on cases include;

Not Guilty Trick

For lawyers to prove that their clients are not guilty as charged in the court of law, there are various tactics they put in use. They could ensure there is no witness to testify against the defendant or put a strong argument stating that the accused have no ability to commit a crime. A reliable lawyer would share the defense strategy with their clients to get off the case quickly to save on cost.


Gathering evidence is the most intense and wanting process every party is involved in the court case must go through. Cases are usually decided based on the evidence submitted; hence this is a fundamental aspect of winning. An attorney is trained to gather evidence appropriate to argue his or her client’s case out. Spending time to come up with strong evidence against the accuser is crucial since the judge’s decision would always revolve around the proof of innocence. It is fundamental for every lawyer to be consistent while presenting evidence to the court.


This is a common strategy used by numerous lawyers. The defendant side would try to show that they tried as much as possible to avoid the criminal act from happening, and it was unavoidable. Some cases have managed to use this tactic to gain sympathy and pardon from the judge.

The Truth

In a court proceeding, there are two versions of “the truth.” Since the plaintiff wants justice as much as the defendant, both parties will strive to make their truth superior. An experienced criminal defense lawyer would draft a story that would result in a plea bargain, lesser conviction, or entire dismissal of the case.


Different attorneys would have different approaches, strategies, and tactics to handle a given case appropriately. Another strategy that experienced criminal lawyers might put in use includes double jeopardy. While actual criminals need to serve their sentences behind bars, no one should ever be denied a chance to be heard.

Kalvin Abbas
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