The Three Most Important Things That Your Children Need to Learn in School

  • If you are looking for a school, there are many things you want to consider that are specific to Thailand. However, some things should be part of the schools you consider, no matter where in the world you are looking for. Consider the following three most important things that children should be taught in school.
  • Critical Thinking
  • What exactly is critical thinking? Critical thinking is thinking in a logical, skeptical way about arguments and facts presented by others. People don’t want their children to believe everything they hear. They need children to be able to reason about claims and come to their conclusion.
  • Schools foster this line of thinking in many ways. Rather than just learning facts for exams and regurgitating information, students are asked more open-ended questions. Rather than being asked what (looking for a fact), they may be asked how or why for a deeper level of explanation and thinking. Students respond not with merely an answer but how they came to that conclusion and why they believe what they do.
  • Curiosity
  • Some say that too much curiosity is a bad thing, such as the old saying “curiosity killed the cat.” But a healthy curiosity means that children will hopefully love to learn. They will go beyond the expected level of work and go deeper into the subjects that interest them most.
  • A close cousin of curiosity is imagination. Imagination is much more than just a tool used by the world’s greatest artists. If you think about it, every problem solver, whether a medical doctor, engineer, or computer programmer, uses imagination to overcome obstacles in their field of study. You want your children to nourish curiosity and creativity in their lives.
  • Life Skills
  • If you are looking for an international school in Thailand, you are similar to most parents who want their children to learn more than book knowledge. They want them also to learn essential life skills. Children need to know how to share, express their opinions, take care of themselves, obey rules, consider the impact of their choices, and so many more things.

Life skills are such practical parts of daily life that many children learn these at home just by observing their parents. But children continue meaningful learning at school and need to learn life skills that are part of the social and educational setting that school offers.

Look for a school in Thailand that helps children grow in all three of these areas to be the right choice for your family.

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