The Value of Commercial Window Tinting

Get a Measurable Return on Investment After Installation

Owners of commercial buildings are turning to window tinting to save them money in other areas of their businesses and to increase tenant comfort inside.

Modern window film delivers on big promises, like saving on energy costs; preventing permanent damage from vandalism; keeping inventory and furnishings safe from the sun’s harmful UV rays, and more. The value of commercial window tinting extends far beyond its purchase and installation price. Let’s explore how.

Window Film Prevents the Harmful Repercussions of UV Rays
The sun’s UVA and UVB rays can cause skin cancer – which is why Americans who drive a lot are more likely to develop it on the left sides of their face and arm. These rays are still a major risk even if you’re indoors, especially if you find yourself frequently sitting or standing near a window.

But the sun’s reign of terror doesn’t stop there. Sun rays also can cause furnishings and fixtures to fade and crack over time. If you have a window display in your business, your merchandise situated in it is at risk of damage.

The materials that commercial window film is made from blocks most UVA and UVB rays – depending on the quality of film you choose – that will prevent your employees or tenants from developing health issues due to sun exposure in your building and keep everything else inside looking its best, too.

Purchasing and installing protective window film can reduce insurance claims and time away from work for your team members, as well as lengthen the time necessary between remodeling, restocking, or renovating.

Security Film and Anti-Graffiti Film Decrease Vandalism- and Theft-Related Costs
One of the biggest ways window film adds value to your commercial building is by helping to prevent vandalism and deter theft.

Thick security film has a powerful adhesive that keeps it stuck firmly to your windows. Should someone attempt to break the glass, the film will hold the shards together and help keep less-determined criminals out. This is due, in part, to the extra amount of time they’d need to access your business. Although you’ll still need to replace the glass window, your belongings inside remain safe and protected!

Anti-graffiti film also adds value to your business. When applied to the exterior of your glass, this film makes it easy for graffiti clean-up. Simply remove the film and reapply a new sheet to clean up spray paint marks. This is more cost-effective than hiring a specialty cleaning professional or having to replace your windows over and over again.

Decrease Monthly Energy Bills, Especially When Your Heating or Air Conditioning Are Running
Your business’s bottom line is important, and one way to protect it is to reduce your overall energy consumption and lower your monthly utility bills.

First and foremost, window film can reduce hot spots in your commercial building by rejecting the sun’s UV rays and heat. These hot spots can make the people inside your business feel uncomfortable, and to remedy them, you’re likely to need to crank up your AC.

Window film can also help keep the inside of your business warmer in winter because it provides an additional layer of insulation to your windows.

But how much money in utilities can window film really save you? Reputable manufacturers can show that their commercial window tint reduces energy consumption by as much as 10 percent, which means after just a few months, business owners will see a rapid return on their investment.

You Don’t Need to Wait to Have Commercial Window Film Installed
If you need another reason to have window tint installed in your commercial building, here are two:

  • Having a professional install your window film means you get a perfect result with a workmanship warranty, as well as a warranty on the product itself.
  • Most window film can be installed in any weather because it is applied to the inside of the glass – with few exceptions.

A professional window film installer has the right tools to get the job done right, without gaps, debris, wrinkles, or bubbles. They know how to apply it, cut it to size, and make it look perfect the first time.

Receiving a warranty on product and workmanship means that should you need to replace your film for an unexpected reason as listed in the warranty document, it’s covered at no cost to you. When you combine this with the other great benefits of window film, then you know you’re getting a good value on a smart investment.

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