Treatments Based On Pest Control Products

Malathion treatment has been discontinued since the end of 2018 due to neurological risk, and the laboratory no longer manufactures it. Natural or synthetic pyrethrin’s and other insecticides are found in anti-lice shampoos. Be careful; shampoos should not be used alone but with a lotion. Carefully follow their instructions by LiceDoctors. Otherwise, decontamination will fail.

How To Apply These Lotions And Shampoos In Practice?

Apply pest control lotion. Do not wet the hair, as the product contains oil;

Dislodge nits and lice using a special comb: it is thin and has tiny teeth to catch and hang lice and nits. To make it easier to remove the nits, dip your comb in white vinegar between each pass;

Wash the hair thoroughly with an anti-lice shampoo;

Repeat the treatment 2 days later to kill any hatched lice that survived the first treatment;

Wash in hot water sheets, pillowcases, hats, clothes, stuffed animals, and any object in contact with the parasites. Everything must be machine washed at 60°C minimum.

What Natural Treatments?

Some natural treatments from Lice removal chicago for example for pediculosis of the scalp can be effective. In addition, you can make a hair mask based on coconut oil mixed with essential oil on you or your child. In the event of the presence of body lice or head lice, if lesions appear and become infected on the scalp, do not hesitate to consult a skin specialist, such as a dermatologist.

Never apply this type of anti-lice product to an open or infected wound. If the lice reappear two days after the initial treatment, use a different treatment ten days later. Some treatments are unsuitable for young children: in this case, it will be necessary to consider shaving the child’s head. Warning: these are toxic products! Store them out of the reach of children.

Can Head Lice Be Avoided?

There are easy-to-use lice repellents available in spray form. These products are not treatments, so they are useless when your child is infected. Do not hesitate to use it preventively when lice make their first appearance in the school.

Lice contamination (pediculosis) is a public health problem. The prevention of contagion depends, above all, on vigilance, which allows early detection. In particular, watch the scalp of children attending daycare centers, schools, holiday camps, or judo tatamis, for example, environments conducive to epidemics. In the event of contamination, please report the problem quickly to prevent it from spreading.

To prevent lice in the community, it is possible to use essential oils. Be careful not to apply them purely to pregnant women, babies, and children. You can mix the essential oil blend with coconut oil to dilute it.

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