Turnkey Solutions: How To Improve Commercial Building Security With Turnkey Security Systems Contractors

What happens when a family can’t think about anything other than their daily work and they also don’t have time to be present on the job at all times? It is there that the construction option that some companies offer becomes almost necessary: ​​turnkey.

As its name indicates, the construction company takes care of everything and delivers the key to the house to the owner, ready to be inhabited. The Family Home Construction company explained the Turnkey system: “First, a construction contract is made, and we do everything. In the case of a cabin, we are in charge of making the foundation, installing water, electricity, sewage network, and so on,” they indicated, also commenting that the owner can intervene in the model of his home, as long as the changes he wants do not jeopardize the safety of the cabin (in the case of this particular company).

“We have pre-established designs, but at the owners’ request, we always make modifications because sometimes they want larger galleries on the outside, en-suite bathrooms, different types of windows, or to make a larger room. We are always open to the modification that the client asks of us, obviously if it does not modify the cabin’s structure to a large extent.”

Companies like turn-key security systems contractors work on two axes: “prototypes or personalized homes. The first is a model designed and designed by the companies’ architects for different uses; the second is models that the architecture studios design especially for a specific client. The turnkey system applies perfectly to both the paneling system. Also, the limit is the imagination of the designers.”

“We particularly have generator sets and our water supply. We take these services with a tank to the work; we do the work even though there are no basic services, more than anything, so as not to stop or delay the work. Some service companies request plans, in which case we also deliver them to the owner, which has an additional cost to our sketches of the houses. The municipality makes and approves the plan so the person can present it to the companies. There is also the case that in some municipalities, they do not ask for plans,” they expressed from Family Housing Construction.

A system that has become very popular is the wood frame, which the Villalonga company considers very useful for a family that is taking its first steps. “In the case of wood frame or panelized houses, speed is also added; let’s think that a family about to have their first child decides to build in the sixth month of pregnancy; at the birth of the baby, their house will be ready, instead with the traditional system the house will likely be finished when the child is kicking the ball for the first time.”

Most companies with the turnkey system propose a design that the client can modify according to their needs or interests. The owner can also choose or modify details such as ceramic floors, colors, openings, etc.

A concern of builders is that the turnkey system is often confused with prefabricated house construction, which does not include installation of electricity, foundation, and bathroom, among many other elements necessary to start living, which is why they recommend providing attention before signing a contract.

“It is important to clarify that with the turnkey system, the house is delivered working 100 percent. It is not turnkey when the client has to build the foundation or when they say it includes electrical, sanitary, and painting installations, and when the owner arrives, he finds a lightbox, sanitary fixtures in the living room, and a can of paint with a roller. You have to ask and read the fine print well. The complaints in Consumer Defense are increasing daily because people, in their good faith or ignorance, fall into the hands of malicious people,” they explained from Villalonga.

So, if the family is very busy and does not have time to control the construction of their work, this system is beneficial because they do not have to take care of anything, only visiting the work to see how the house will turn out forever. learn how to Improve Commercial Building Security here.

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