Types of technology

Technology has impregnated each industry and creates a new world. There are many areas that have been greatly influenced by the use of technology. Many improvement and productivity have been carried out accordingly. Although there are many views, both negative and positive, on technology, the essential is the impact on many growth industries.

There are many ways to rank how technology is used. To provide an understandable approach, we will enumerate them as types of technology. These included;

• Medical technology – This refers to more than methods of procedure used to treat patients during surgery or for life support. Medical technology is outside around the hospital. There are those who need medical attention even at home or while working in order to effectively pursue their daily activities. People with hearing impairments may have corrected through the use of cochlear implants. Those who have missing members – legs, arms – can become implants too and go on life normally. Elders sometimes run a wide width, they also need an oxygen offer that is also available. Medical technology supports and ensures continuity of life.

• Administrative technology – This is essentially reference to equipment and other resources used to support daily offices and office buildings. These include printers, photocopiers, fax machines, phones, industrial vacuum cleaners, etc.

Instruction Technology – This includes technologies used to teach, learn and communicate effectively certain ideas. These include television, computers, software, Internet, video cassettes and video recording devices, among others. All these are needed because they provide information and communicate in different ways. Each technology is used depending on the subject and the expected result.

• Support technology – it’s vital in society. It is mainly used to help people with the disabled community, whether it is a learning, physiological or psychological disability. This type of technology uses specialized equipment, teaching materials and services that will allow these individuals to perform and operate in their environment.

• Information Technology – This is to instill knowledge using vital resources and materials. The most used form of information technologies is currently the Internet.

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