What Are the Most Common Causes of Motorcycle Accidents?

Drivers and motorcyclists have a duty of safety while sharing the road but unfortunate circumstances can lead to a crash. There are several dangers and challenges motorcyclists face while riding and may suffer severe injuries or fatalities in the case of an accident. The lawyers at Riddle and Brantley have additional information on these common causes and what you can do to avoid them.

Common Causes for Motorcycle Accidents

Here is a list of reasons why motorcycle accidents are commonly observed:

Speeding: The most common cause of accidents is speeding. Higher speeds can cause severe impact and major injuries. Moreover, if the vehicle is speeding while taking a turn, it can result in loss of control and a serious crash.

Unsafe Lane Changes: If the driver fails to check the blind spots while changing lanes or provide proper signals they can crash into a motorist.

Car Doors: If the driver opens the car door without checking for any oncoming motorcycle, they risk injuring the motorcyclist.

Lane Splitting: Another common cause of accidents is when motorcyclists drive between two lanes. Lane splitting seems like a convenient way to beat the traffic but it is extremely dangerous.

Sudden Stops: Following vehicles too closely and abrupt stops can result in rear end collisions. This can throw the motorcyclist off the vehicle and can also result in deaths.

Driving Under Influence: It is a civil and a criminal offense to drive under the influence of drugs or alcohol. However, many drivers are still found being intoxicated while driving that has caused major accidents.

Right of Way Errors: Left turn accidents occur when poor judgment and errors in following right of way occur.

Dangerous Road Conditions: Inclement weather conditions may lead to wet or icy roads that are more slippery. Obstacles, hazards on the road as well as debris, potholes, crumbling pavement may also increase the chance of motorcyclists skidding and losing control of their vehicle.

Inexperienced Drivers: Such rivers are more likely to compromise the safety of motorcyclists by their unsafe driving.

Defects in the Motorcycle: Design or manufacturing defects such as brake malfunction can lead to accidents and injuries.

Types of Injuries Caused by Motorcycle Accidents

Motorcycle accidents usually occur at intersections when the traffic signals or stop signs are not followed thereby resulting in a collision. Motorcycle injuries can range from minor scratches to serious injuries. Some of the most common motorcycle injuries include road rashes, muscle and tissue injuries, broken bones and fractures, whiplash and neck injuries, brain trauma, spinal cord injuries, paralysis, loss of limbs. Some serious and complicated crashes may also result in death.

How can a good motorcycle accident lawyer help you?

If you were involved in a motorcycle crash that was caused by the negligence or error on someone else’s part, you may be eligible to file a personal injury lawsuit and claim compensation for your medical expenses, loss of wages, damages, and pain. It is crucial to hire a knowledgeable and experienced motorcycle accident lawyer as they have legal expertise in handling such cases and will fight for your case to ensure you get maximum claim compensation.

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