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Higher educational institutions like San Francisco Bay University are gradually adapting to the growing popularity of online learning. Although some universities or colleges have fully embraced the fact that technology is advancing in our lives, others are slow to catch up with the idea that will replace traditional learning in just a few years. The following infographic provides statistics on why people may soon be studying entirely online, showing how many students are already doing so and revealing the most popular online courses currently.

Online learning is a reality that students and business should start getting used to. No matter what kind of degree one has currently or decides to pursue in the future, chances are there will be courses offered online. Evidence shows this includes bachelor’s degrees as well as graduate study (though online MBA programs are becoming more popular).

Online learning isn’t just for professional development. While it can help students earn better jobs, whether they are fresh graduates or have been in the workforce for years already, this kind of education will also help them get promoted faster. Online courses are proven to be successful in showing students everything that is expected of them when it comes to meeting academic standards. These are detailed in the infographic below, with statements from employers attesting to the fact that students who have studied online are far more likely to be ready for work than those who have not.

For many years colleges and universities relied on brick-and-mortar buildings to teach their subjects. Now, however, most of them have a website and an online presence. Some of these institutions have even begun to offer courses for free or very cheap, inviting all people from all age groups to enroll as students. As mentioned earlier, those who choose to study online benefit from the convenience as well as savings in time and money as compared to traditional learners.

Looking at the statistics provided in the following infographic, it is clear that online learning will continue to grow in popularity. Some schools, such as San Francisco Bay University, have begun offering certain courses online, and others are expected to follow suit in the next few years. The good news for students is that whether or not their own college or university has an online course program, there will be plenty of options for taking classes from other institutions.

In addition to the rise in popularity, online learning will have a huge impact on the job market. Companies find that those with degrees from college or universities that offer courses online are usually much more qualified than those who have studied at brick-and-mortar schools. This is due to the combination of real-life experience and the classroom knowledge they have gained from online learning.

In recent years students have been taking various courses online to gain experience for their resumes, prepare for interviews or just learn something new. In addition to this, hundreds of schools are now offering programs entirely without the student needing to leave their home. Now more than ever, these changes in technology and education are revolutionizing the way people learn.

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