Why You Should Consider Investing in a Running Goodr Sunglasses

Running requires a lot of physical effort, but you also need to take into account environmental elements that can harm both your performance and your health. While running, the sun can be a major distraction. You may find it challenging to concentrate on your run while attempting to shield your eyes from the sun’s brightness. Then there is the problem of UV radiation, which can harm your eyes in a variety of ways.

Running Goodr sunglasses can be useful in this situation. When you are running outside, they are essential in addition to looking beautiful. Running sunglasses will improve your performance while also protecting your eyes from the sun and reducing eye strain.

In this article, we examine some of the key reasons for purchasing running sunglasses.

4 Reasons Why You Need to Buy Goodr Sunglasses

Every runner has a unique ritual they follow before they start running. You take one last sip of water, tie your shoes, and perform a few rigorous stretches. But do you remember to put on your sunglasses and sunscreen? Here’s why you should:

1.    Gives Protection from UV and UVB Rays

It’s likely that when you read about UV rays, you picture yourself at the beach. And be concerned about wearing sunscreen to prevent burning and skin damage. The same holds true for applying sunscreen and wearing sunglasses when running. Your eyelids can also get burned. No matter how quickly you run, the sun’s rays remain visible to you even on an overcast day.

2.    Eliminates Headache

The rays can be so powerful that you can’t help but squint when running, whether the sun is out or there are clouds towering above. Your eye muscles may become sore from squinting, which may result in headaches and pain. This tension increases as you go further and can last even after you finish. Simply by using running sunglasses, you’ll get an extra layer of headache prevention and more comfortable eyesight.

3.    Ensures a Perfect Form

When you run while wearing Goodr sunglasses, you can actually improve your form. Your eyes will remain forwards, and your form will be in alignment since wearing sunglasses makes you keep your head up. Your back and shoulders will experience stress if you lean your head downward. You have to keep your chin up while wearing running sunglasses to prevent them from falling off. Simple techniques to guarantee excellent form and safeguard your eyes.

4.    Improves Your Visibility

Sunglasses for running can significantly improve your performance. Many sunglasses have a unique coating that reduces eye strain and increases contrast so you can see clearly even in low light. When you are exercising during wintertime when the days are shorter or at night when visibility may be poor, it is especially crucial to remember this.

By reducing distractions and obstructing glare and excessive light, polarised sunglasses can help you concentrate on your run. This can be helpful on sunny days when running because too much light and glare can be very distracting.

Running sunglasses can also increase your level of running comfort. Sunglasses ensure that you can get the most out of your run by reducing dryness and eye fatigue. Invest in a pair of high-quality sunglasses if you want to increase both your comfort and performance.

Things to Check or in Goodr Sunglasses

Running can be one of the best things we can do for our mental and physical well-being, but even on darker days, spending more time outside might expose us to more UV rays. A decent pair of running sunglasses can help in this situation by offering additional UV protection, as well as by reducing glare and protecting the eyes from bugs, dust, and other debris for a more pleasant run.

Consider the Tint to Minimise Glare

Your preferred tint can be taken into consideration once you have confirmed that the lenses are UV-400-approved. Your sunglasses’ tint can help to prevent glare, but you shouldn’t only pick the darkest hue to offer the most protection; you also need to think about how colour distortion and contrast may impact your run. Tinted lenses with the colours orange, yellow, brown, rose grey, and amber are widely regarded as being suitable choices for runners; trail runners especially benefit from amber lenses. 

Polarised and Non-Polarised

A filter on polarised lenses prevents strong reflected light. This translates into less glare from the road, automobiles, and other surfaces, resulting in a more comfortable and focused run in direct sunlight. However, keep in mind that polarised glasses are useless in low light. Additionally, they can make it more difficult to spot surface irregularities and variances, which is bad for trail runners, especially in varying lighting circumstances.

Check the kitemark Safety Standards

To be sure your sunglasses meet EU safety regulations, always look for the CE label on the inside of the temples. This label is the quickest and easiest way to determine whether the sunglasses meet the minimum safety level you need for keeping your eyes protected from UV rays while running. A darker tint does not necessarily mean the sunglasses provide more protection.

Think About the Design Frame

It should go without saying that the frame should be lightweight, sit securely and comfortably, and not apply excessive pressure. A wrap-around design offers stronger all-around defence against stray UV rays as well as any potential run-ins with grit, mud, insects, and environmental components.

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