Wine Tasting Extravaganza: Margaret River Tours from Perth

Margaret River tours from Perth strive to provide a joyful and educational experience for tourists and wine enthusiasts by presenting the region’s best wineries and vineyards. Furthermore, the trips are intended to provide guests with a comprehensive understanding of the winemaking process, the history of the region, and the culture and way of life in the area.

Moreover, the tour also offers tourists the opportunity to try some of the famed wines produced in the Margaret River region and enjoy stunning views of the region’s landscapes.

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What Do You Need To Know About Margaret River Tours From Perth?

A full-day tour package for Margaret River tours from Perth transports tourists and wine connoisseurs from Perth to the Margaret River wine area. These types of tours include visits to local cafes and vineyards, as well as wineries and vineyards. The journey also includes an informed guide who gives information on the wine-making process, the region’s rich history, and the area’s culture and way of life.

Moreover, wine tastings at various wineries, lunch at a nearby restaurant, travel from Perth to Margaret River and back, plus an informed guide are all included in the package. The tour package does not include additional meals and drinks, personal expenses, and guide tips.

Furthermore, due to various factors such as traffic and other considerations, the tour typically lasts 8 to 9 hours for a full day.

What are the Best Locations for Wine Tours in Margaret River?

Here are all the top Margaret River wineries you should have visited, whether you’re a Perthling who spends so much time in the South that you think you’re a native, a true wine enthusiast, or just someone who enjoys treating yourself to a pleasant drink after a long week.

Moss Wood, Wilyabrup

Moss Wood, another one of Margaret River’s founding estates, is a significant landmark that shouldn’t be overlooked, especially by history buffs. To visit the estate, you must be a member, but obtaining the leisurely, private, and customised estate tour and drinking experience that Moss Wood is renowned for is worthwhile.

Voyager Estate, Margaret River

Voyager Estate, one of the region’s heavyweights and a longtime proponent of sustainability, has announced its transition to full organic certification, allowing you to enjoy their wines guilt-free. Expect excellent results since these people concentrate on Cabernet Sauvignon and Chardonnay, the region’s signature wines. Take a seat in the Wine Room to start your award-winning wine flight, which may or may not come with one of their delectable share platters.

Moreover, if you want the full experience, you can reserve a spot on the estate tour, which takes you beyond the scenes to pour your glass directly from the barrel.

Blind Corner, Quindalup

Although it’s somewhat smaller and less well-known, Blind Corner has some of the finest organic, minimally processed drops available. You can come here to sample unconventional wine varieties like Pétillant Naturel and their well-known “orange” wines.

Moreover,  visitors will also enjoy learning about their environmentally friendly practices and seeing the property’s beehives, chickens, biodynamic vegetable patches, skate ramps, and bottle lines. Additionally, watch out for Neko, the property’s resident cat, who is responsible for cuddling guests all day and takes great pride in his job.

Vasse Felix, Wilyabrup

Vasse Felix, the original winery in Margaret River, has aged nicely. Its gorgeous cellar door, café, and gallery blend rustic charm with a modern edge to create the ideal setting for spending a sunny afternoon sitting next to the area’s oldest vineyard while sipping some fairly decent wine. You won’t be able to resist swinging by the Wine Lounge for a glass once you’ve tried the Chardy.

Arimia Estate, Yallingup

A boutique, sustainably focused vineyard in a unique bushland location, bridging both ocean and treetops, may be found at Yallingup winery Arimia Estate if you’re looking for something more down to earth. In addition to a guesthouse with mind-blowing vistas, Arimia provides local cuisine in their cafe, much of which is grown on the property.

Furthermore, they just announced that they would switch to organic certification, which means that the wines they produce will continue to become healthier, more flavorful, and more representative of the stunning area they are grown in.


A variety of tour packages are offered in the Margaret River wine area to accommodate diverse tastes and price ranges, making it one of Australia’s top destinations for wine tours. Margaret River tours from Perth provide a well-liked full-day tour package, including visits to numerous wineries and vineyards, lunch at a local restaurant, and the winemaking process. A well-informed guide who can answer questions about the winemaking process, regional customs, and lifestyle can also be found here.

Moreover, the best wine tours Margaret River grants a wide variety of alternative wine excursions, from self-guided to private, each offering a distinctive and immersive experience.

Overall, Margaret River wine tours allow visitors to sample some of the region’s well-known wines and take in the scenic views of the surrounding landscapes and environment.

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