Zomes’ Hand Crafted, Earth Friendly, And Bioceramic Domes-The Most Sustainable Domes Available In The Market

If you’d like to add some spark to your property, you should consider purchasing one of the lovely geodome houses made by Zome. Reviewed by many architectural masterpieces, Zomes’ geodesic domes are the future.

Why You Should Get One

There are plenty of reasons why you ought to get one of Zomes’ geodesic domes. Listed below are some of these reasons.


As a company dedicated to conserving the environment, Zomes’ only uses nature-friendly materials to construct its domes. These materials include recycled glass microbubbles, bioceramic cement, and zen bamboo. Given that all these materials have no negative impact on the environment, choosing to settle on one of this company’s domes as your dome of choice would be an eco-friendly decision.


There are several companies that build domes. However, not many of them develop energy-efficient domes. Of the few that exist, Zomes is, according to several individuals, the best. Going by the fact that Zomes has been lauded as the best at developing energy-efficient geodesic domes, if you purchase one of its structures, you can pride yourself as the owner of one of the most energy-efficient structures in the world.


There’s nothing as painful as losing your home to a fire. With a Zomes geodesic dome, you need not worry about suffering such a predicament, as all domes produced by this company are fireproof.

Mold Proof

Mold is one of the most common issues that real estate owners face. If you’d like to avoid mold issues and you’d like to purchase a home, you should consider purchasing Zomes geodesic domes. This is because, unlike many dome developers, Zomes uses mold-resistant material when constructing their domes. As this is the case, if you purchase a geodesic dome from Zomes, you can wave goodbye to having mold issues.

Pest Proof

Just like mold, pests are also a huge nuisance to homeowners. As Zomes is a company that values the comfort of its customers, this company uses materials that pests can’t penetrate to make its domes. Thus, if you purchase one, you can rest assured that for as long as you’ll have it, you’ll never struggle with pests.

Rot Proof

In an attempt to maximize their profits, some companies usually use low-quality materials to make their products. Given that materials of low quality are usually prone to rot, owners of the domes made using low-quality materials usually complain of frequently facing rot issues. Zomes only uses tried and tested materials while making its geodesic domes. As such, their domes never rot. As this is the case, if you get yourself one of its many geodesic domes, being plagued by rots should be the least of your worries.

Weather Proof

Zomes geodesic domes are meant to withstand any weather, whether heavy rain, too much sunshine, or excessive snow. As such, whatever the weather condition your geodesic dome will be subjected to, you can count on it remaining unscathed.

Highly Insulated

Many dome owners who purchase are usually forced to spend extra cash to have their domes insulated. This is because not many companies usually insulate their domes. Given that Zomes is one of the few companies that insulate its domes, you should purchase one of its domes if you’d like to avoid spending extra cash to insulate your dome.

Sound Absorbing

Your dome should be a place where you can forget all your distractions. As such, it should be pretty quiet. Zomes understands this. Thus, this company has added a soundproof layer on all of its domes. As these soundproof layers are pretty efficient, in a Zomes geodesic dome, you don’t have to worry about getting external noise interferences.


Zomes geodesic domes are designed with the idea of lasting for over 500 years. As such, these domes are made using nuclear-grade materials known for their longevity. Therefore, if you purchase one of Zomes’ geodesic domes, you can rely on it to serve you, your child, your grandchild, and even your great-grandchildren.


One of the benefits of purchasing a dome is that, unlike most homes, it can be moved. If you’ve got a dome, you can move with it every time you relocate, as they aren’t held into the ground with immovable concrete like most homes are.


Zomes geodesic domes are multi-purpose. This is because you can use yours as your office, your spa, or even your bedroom. Not many structures have this capability. As such, purchasing one is a decision you’ll forever be proud of.

How To Select The Right Dome

When looking for a Zomes geodesic dome to purchase, certain factors should influence your decision. These factors include:

Size Of The Space You Intend To Put Your Dome

Before settling on any of the available Zomes geodesic domes, you should have an approximate measure of how big the place you intend to put your dome is. Having an estimate of the space is very important as it will assist you in choosing a dome that fits your space perfectly.

Amount Of Money You Are Willing To Spend

When looking for a dome, you should search for one that you can afford. Given that this is the case, it’s fair to state that the amount of money you are willing to spend should influence the dome you purchase.

Get Your Preferred Zomes Geodesic Dome Today-We Assure You, You Won’t Regret It

Zomes geodesic domes have been in the market for a couple of years. Over the years, these wonderful structures have gained massive popularity primarily because they are durable, classy, and affordable. They have also earned massive praise from many individuals globally because they are among the few domes that are soundproof. If you’ve always wanted to own a dome, you should look into domes made by Wonderful Company. If you’d like to get a quote or schedule an appointment with one of this company’s representatives, you’re welcome to visit its wonderful website. There, you’ll get all the avenues you can use to reach this company’s front office.

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